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Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Qualitative research Pages: 5 (1268 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Project Scan
A market research on QR Code utilization in Canada
A research proposal
September 30th, 2011

Prepared for: Google Inc. and WPP

This proposal responds to Google Inc. (Google) and WPP’s requests to formulate a better understanding of mobile advertising models, in relation to online marketing. This report is being undertaken to research specifically on Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) in the Canadian market. Background

QR Codes originated in Japan to track automotive parts on the assembly line. Over the past few years, advertising firms in Japan have adopted this technology as a marketing tool to better communicate with consumers. (reference) This two dimensional code has a URL encrypted inside, linking users to the webpage, releasing limitless opportunities for companies to share its information with consumers at a highly interactive level. This technology is relatively new to the Canadian market, and is just bursting out of the infancy stage, ready to bring a new horizon for mobile marketing.(reference) Therefore, our reason for choosing QR Codes is to determine and measure the untapped potential of this exciting technology. Problem: “What are the best models for mobile advertising?” Objective: To determine the effectiveness of QR Codes as a model of mobile advertising in Canada. This is further broken down into the following sub-objectives: 1.To determine the demographics and psychographics of QR Code users in Canada. 2.How QR Codes are changing the advertising industry.

3.To examine the potential problems that QR Codes pose to the Canadian market. A further analysis of the sub-objectives:
1.To determine the demographics and psychographics of QR Code users in Canada. DARREN!! -_-

2.How QR Codes are changing the advertising industry.
This subject will explore the impact that QR Code technology is having on the Canadian mobile market today, and its ability to reach consumers ‘on the go’. With the growing use of mobile advertising, by incorporating an enhanced responsive marketing strategy such as QR Codes, may result in tracking consumer trends efficiently, and possibly encourage spontaneity in purchasing.

3.To examine the potential problems that QR Codes pose to the Canadian market. The purpose of this objective is to seek possible issues of QR Codes in the mobile advertising industry in Canada. It will determine consumers’ familiarity, and behaviour towards QR Codes. In addition, to analyze the questions of uncertainty that advertising firms are experiencing with this new technology, and to address the issues.

Based on exploratory, secondary research, the findings suggest that the Canadian market is deficient in primary research on the impact of QR Codes, resulting in a lack of credible sources. This proposal is set out to better understand this market, and how Google and WPP can benefit from this opportunity. Qualitative

Purpose: The following research will be conducted to obtain feedback on customers’ knowledge, experience, and behaviour towards QR Codes. The tracking of consumer behaviour in scanning the code, and the purchasing patterns that follow afterwards will be analyzed. The qualitative research will investigate the following:

Where QR Codes are seen and possibly used
The interest in using a QR Code for the first time or again •The likelihood of remembering an advertisement with a QR Code on it •The familiarity of QR Codes
Types of problems customers face with QR Code ads
The type of experience they gained
New consumer knowledge obtained from the advertisement
The consumer attraction to QR Code advertisements
What makes the QR codes different or interesting
Does it link your mobile to their website with speed and ease •Why consumers scan QR Codes
How interactive and personal QR Codes are
Population and Sampling:
To proceed with qualitative research, the representative sample of the Canadian mobile...
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