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Topics: Russia, Narrative, Alexander Pushkin Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: October 10, 2013
ERU 363
                                                          UNIT I  TEST - Works of Pushkin in Film

Please answer the following questions with a brief paragraph for each answer.  Submit as a hard copy printout by next Tuesday.

I. The Queen of Spades
1. Comment on the film adaptation of “The Queen of Spades” in relation to the original work. The Queen of Spades was very popular when given to the public for the first time. It's a story that begins with a conversation over a card game, turns into a realization that one of the cop's mother knows the secret to the game and only has used this tactic once. This version of the Queen is Spades follows Pushkin's store directly and it's almost as if watching the book being played out in front of you. Certain scenes with the narrator take the viewer into the past. This action that this film does for us, of bonding the past and present together, shows how particular and special this story is. Thanks to the content of the film such as the elements and actors, it simulates a spot on idea of Pushkin's story.

2. In film adaptations of Russian literature (Like  “The Queen of Spades”), what gives the “made in Russia” films an edge over Western films (without considering the artistic qualities of the films)? The "Made in Russia" films had the advantage because during the Catherine the Great's time, French was slowly being intro ducted into different aspects of life. Pushkin learned French in his early childhood and some of his poems are written in that language. It was attracting to audiences. Different terms were used and positions were hired differently; such as french nannies and tutors. The "Made in Russia" films had the edge over feel oWestern films because it was more cultural and meaningful towards their country.

3. How do you interpret the “supernatural” aspects of the story as depicted in the film? There are several examples of how The Queen of Spades could be a "ghost story" given the supernatural...
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