Topics: The Lorax, Dr. Seuss, Morality Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: October 31, 2013
The Lorax Video Questions:
1. What seems to be the intent of Dr. Seuss in writing this story? -He is showing the readers that life without the truffula trees caused a major affect on many other creatures and things.

2. Do you equate the ideas, people, or places in the story with real-life situations in our present-day society?  If so, with whom and/or what? -You can equate the ideas in “The Lorax” to real life because it is deforestation and that occurs every single day. It affects many animals and it removes the trees, replacing them with “pollution” shops and factories.

3. What values appear to be important in the story?  Are any of our present-day societal values in conflict with these?  If so, which ones and for what reasons? -The chopping of the trees. Our present-day society also has to deal with this.

Trees in almost every country and state have been deforested. They want to put
Factories in place of them, which is only going to make the world a more
dangerous place.

4. Does this story appear to have been written for young children, for their parents, or for both?  Explain. -I would say for both because kids would enjoy it, just because Dr. Seuss is a child’s author, and adults would see the issue and understand how bad deforestation is and what it can drastically affect.

5. Do you find this video to be appropriate for young children?  Why or why not? -I find this video to be appropriate for young children. Again, it is a Dr. Seuss book and that is full of bright colors, beautiful rhyming schemes, and much more that a child would love to read.  
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