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Pushing Papers Can be Fun
Gurjoat Gill

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Primary Problem
Secondary problem
Impacts on community
Pros / Cons of Solution
Final Solution

At a seminar placed by the city government, a police chief brought up the discussion about a problem he was dealing with at his department. He was strongly having issues with motivating his police officers to correctly fill out the paper work properly or in a timely matter after a case had been issued. This lack of motivation and attention lead them to sometimes losing cases in the court because they didn’t have satisfactory paper work that had the necessary listed facts that the court would need. He tried to use different techniques to motivate the officers, however with out being able to compensate the officers with a financial reward they would not get motivated enough to do the paper work properly. Primary problem

The primary problem in this case is the officers not being motivated enough to do the paperwork. With no policy on how to do the paper work that could also be a problem to why it is being done inadequately.

It is the Capitan’s job to motivate his officers to completely their work correctly and accurately. Secondary problem
No motivation leads to the paper work not being done in a timely manner and also it not being done correct. Also if the paper work is not being done in a timely manner or correct it in turn leads to lost cases in court because the paperwork is necessary to have all the facts of the case presented correctly. Impacts on community

If these reports are poorly done and leading to lost cases then the police department are failing their duty to the community. It is their job to serve and protect the community to the best of their ability but if they cannot close cases just because they cannot but the time and effort into writing a report then eventually these failed cases will lead to the loss of trust from their community. Solutions

If motivation is what is lacking when it comes to submitting a report then a solution can be to recognize officers publically to motivate them. That is if an officers case is successful in court then the captain can recognize the officer publically because of their contribution to the success of the case with their diligence in writing the report.

If the reports are being done incorrectly because of simply the ignorance of the officers of the fact of how much these reports contribute to the success or failure of cases in court. Then the captain should show examples of how there was a difference of success between cases in court based on their reports to enlighten the officers on how much a report can make a difference.

However if the reports are simply being done incorrectly because the officers haven’t been trained correctly on how to write a report then simply making a policy in where new officers need to complete training on how to write a report can make the difference between a good and poor report. Pros/cons of solutions

The pros and cons of these solutions can be, if the captain has to recognize an officer publically every time they do a report correctly eventually maybe the officers will forget about the specialty of being recognized. Another con can be being recognized can lead to negative competition between the officers trying to get recognized.

The pro to showing officers the success rate of reports being done correctly by examples of other cases in court can lead to insight to do reports correctly. However if there isn’t a significant change in reports being done correctly and a successful case in court then that might lead to more lack of motivation to do the reports correctly.

The only con of training officers how to write reports is that it may be costly to train each and every officer how to write a report. Final solution

Bibliography: Steven L. Mcshane and Mary Ann Von Glinow, Organizational Behavior: Emerging knowledge, global reality, 6th edition, Mcgraw Hill.
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