Domestic Violence

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Allie Serres
CJ 250
Officer Muller
Domestic Violence

“Threatening and harmful behaviors directed at partners (or former partners) are prohibited under a variety of statutes, including those targeting stalking, work-place violence and harassments, and restricted gun ownership for convicted batters under the Lautenberg Amendment.” (Clement et al. 93) According to Statistic Brain online, there are 960,000 estimated domestic violence incidences per year. Law Enforcement officers are the first to arrive on the scene of domestic violence cases and play a huge role. Due to the fact that they are first on the scene, they are not in a very safe environment/situation. Officers have many similar attitudes regarding domestic violence and how it is handled.

Once an officer responds to a domestic violence call they set themselves up for a lot of work. The first responder on the scene must “[…assess] the individual’s safety (and danger), identifie[s] the presence (or absence) of DV, provide[s] short-term crisis interventions, enforce[s] the law by arresting the perpetrator, […becomes] the gateway to the court system and […] refers the victim to services.” (Hortwiz et al. 623) After what occurs at the scene, the officer then has to write a report that states what lead up to the incidence, document what they did themselves as an officer, and last but not least, the officer must testify if the case goes to court.

These officers put in so much time in order to keep these victims safe, and when the victim pulls the charges on the perpetrator, it affects the officers. In a survey the “officers were forthcoming with their feelings, and frequently expressed frustration with the victims because they often did not follow through with the legal case.” (Hortwiz 622) Another officer responded to the survey with, “[…you] always go back to those same houses, and we’ll arrest on an order of protection and they’re back out, and it’s like, it starts over and over...

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