Punishment v. Rehabilitation

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Punishment v. Rehabilitation
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Kaplan University
Within this paper we will be going over the purpose between punishment and rehabilitation. In punishment and rehabilitation we will break down some of the history of both. With each historical fact there are people that keep track of the statistics to see if they work, so will be going over some of the statistics of crime after each (whether it on the rise or whether it declined). We will also be answering questions on, how the correctional system uses punishment and rehabilitation. After looking at all of the information provided to me and some of the research that I have done I will come to my own conclusions for the question that everyone asks. What works better punishment or rehabilitation? Personal opinions will be based on statistics and facts on which form (punishment or rehabilitation) works best in today’s society based. Ultimately this is an individualized based opinion and not based on the populations opinion. As we all know and were taught in our perspective high schools, punishment has been around for centuries. There are several cases that we of punishment that we know about today. Punishment is something that is used on a daily basis if you have something that needs to get done for work and you don’t do it then you could actually receive a punishment like a letter of reprimand or worse yet getting fired. A great example of punishment would have to be a case dealing with Sun Tzu. This specific case I had learned in my military experience and studies of Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu taught women to be a part of combat. Which, back in those days combat was run by strong and intelligent men and women were not allowed to be a part of war. Two of the women (emperor’s concubines) that he tried to teach marching to show his military skills, the women laughed when the drum sounded. After Sun Tzu restated what he wanted and they continued to laugh. He didn’t...
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