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Q1. Explain the duties of PRO and what is the scope of PRO ?

According to the Institute of Public Relations, USA, "Public Relations is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public." A public relations officer (PRO), also known as 'Media Specialist,' is the spokesperson of an organization. His or her role is to convey the policies and interests of the organization to the public through various modes of media. For an organization, 'public' refers to the existing customers, potential customers, shareholders, financiers, media, government bodies, employees, etc. The need for a PRO can be found in almost all sectors, including private companies, advertising agencies, financial organizations, government agencies, charities, etc.

PRO has to be dedicated 24/7 to protect the interest of a company, it can be a very demanding job. However, it is also a lucrative and interesting means of making a career. Following are the duties of a PRO :

The public relations manager is the ultimate spin doctor. It is her job to put the best face on news and information that could embarrass or malign the company's reputation. Often, she will be called upon to polish mundane information into platinum data that gives the company more credit than would ordinarily be due for routine accomplishments. 2. CRISIS MANAGEMENT:

One of the most crucial and difficult duties of a public relations person is crisis management. Mostly, the need for such communication arises when the stock position of the company is not favorable, mitigation of losses is required, during a takeover situation, the organization decides to dissolve a joint venture, there is a change in the senior management, etc. At times, there may be a conflict of interest between the public and the company because of some issues related to its policies or product. A PRO should be capable enough to deal with such problems, without causing damage to the reputation of the company. 3. MEDIA CONTACTS:

As a public relations officer one of your duties is to build a relationship with journalists. You will constantly be handling media relations for your client. Established relationships with well-connected people in the media industry make this job easier and help ensure that journalists will write well-balanced, accurate and informative articles about your employer.

Some public relations officers oversee an entire communications department. These individuals must also be in charge of their department's budget, making sure hosted events and media outreach efforts are not too costly. They oversee people who work in their department, which may include writers, secretaries or graphic artists. They participate in workshops to stay up-to-date on their field and help their staff succeed. 5. COMMUNICATION SKILLS:

Public relations officers need excellent speaking and writing skills. One of the many duties of a public relations officer is writing press releases showcasing clients. These press releases or kits are sent to media members to create a buzz around whatever issue or person the PR person represents. Much celebrity gossip is started by a public relations specialist who wants to create publicity for a client. 6. OPINION MAESTRO:

The public relations manager directs all outreach efforts. He is responsible for media placements and coordinating organizational functions and the efforts of executives. It is his responsibility to determine the executive appropriate for each situation and ensure that person has approved information and statements in hand. 7. REPUTATION & GOODWILL MANAGEMENT:

The prime function of a public relations officer is to create, maintain and enhance the reputation of an organization. It is the responsibility of the PRO to promote the people, products, services or...
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