Public Relations of Starbucks

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Public Relations of Starbucks
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Public Relations of Starbucks
Today’s society lives in a fast-paced environment and we expect businesses to accommodate to our needs quicker than ever. In our fast moving business world creating just the right image in the public’s eye is essential for the survival for any organization. Public Relations professionals have to deal precisely with this aspect of every business. These professionals work hard at developing a good, positive relationship between a firm and the public it serves. Investing in good public relations for your business will help achieve its objective efficiently. Effective Public Relations can create and build up the image of an organization. During times of adverse publicity an effective Public Relations can remove the misunderstanding and can create mutual understanding between the business and the public. This paper will focus on how Starbucks uses public relations to create brand and influence public opinion. It will then focus on how the 21st century has help Starbucks adopt social media websites to help promote its business. Next, we will look into a couple of crisis Starbucks has dealt with. Lastly, we will look into similarities and differences between public relations campaigns of Starbucks and a nonprofit organization. Starbucks is a roaster and retailer of coffee with over 9,031 company-operated retail stores and 7,972 licensed stores worldwide. (Starbucks Corp. (NMS: SBUX)) Starbucks is a business that prides itself on more than just retailers of coffee, but being a place for people to come in and chat, meet up or even work. I know this was true for me, I use to use Starbucks coffee shops to work on my homework, back when I attending classes in-residence. I had the toughest time trying to do homework at home so I would either go to the coffee shop or the library. “We’re a neighborhood gathering place, a part of the daily routine” (Starbucks, 2011). Public Relations play a vital role in developing a credible and recognizable brand online and offline for any business and it harnesses the power of third party testimonials in the media. It delivers a tremendous return on investments because the articles and stories generated n the media are credible. When a PR program is implemented in conjunction with marketing and advertising programs, a brand can be developed and strengthened over time. A brand is not tangible. A successful brand lives in the minds and hearts of your customers. It is all of the things they think of when they think of your company or your product. Starbucks Public Relations professionals recognized this when building the brand of their company, since the very first store opened in 1971, Starbucks as a brand has been evolving. The Siren has been a part of Starbucks from the beginning. “Her image, originally derived from a twin-tailed siren in an old sixteenth-century Norse woodcut, was at the center of Starbucks original logo. She embodies Starbucks and our coffee – evoking coffee’s allure and its seafaring tradition” (Brand Evolution FAQs, 2011). Senior Vice president of marketing at Starbucks, Anne Saunders, said “it really is about connecting with someone in a more intimate, experiential way that we think will have longer lasting ability to build affinity than a 30-second TV commercial or an ad” (Echols, 2011). Starbucks spends very little money on advertising, preferring instead to build the brand cup by cup with customers and depend on word-of-mouth and the appeal of its storefronts. They relied on consistent service and quality to get customers talking, and once they started talking, it seems they did not stop and the Starbucks brand was born. The public relations decision to leave it to the consumers to spread the word about the new brand was sketchy to other big-named businesses, but this...

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