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Public Relations
Every organisation, no matter how big or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success. Public relations is the use of news or business to carry out positive aspects about your company cultivating a good relationship with local press representatives creating an understanding between the organisation and public. Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol Company has demonstrated the positive aspects of the business even during a crisis. The reason why Tylenol reacted so quickly to the crisis in such a positive way was purely because of the company’s mission statement, stating that the company’s responsibilities were the consumers, medical professionals, employees and the general public. Therefore they followed through with their statement maintaining their reputation as a company keeping it alive and making Johnson & Johnson’s responsibility to its public an efficient relations tool. The Johnson brothers could have increased their security in factories as well as placing a special form of coating on the outside layer of the capsule however it is still considered that they had little to no control of the event which took place in 1982. What did they do well?

They acted quickly with complete honesty about what had happened to the capsules and immediately aimed to remove all of their products off the shelf without completely knowing if their product was contaminated What didn’t they do well?

The Johnson & Johnson’s did everything well to manage the situation they were in although enduring negative accusations put before them they continued to establish a trust with their customers
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