Psychology: Intelligence and Classical Conditioning

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Chapter 1-4 Psychology 1) Nerves are composed of many- neurons.

2) In which field of study do researchers attempt to identify the effects of heredity on psychological characteristics? -behavioral genetics

3) The term "perception" correctly applies to which of the following situations? -You must decide how far your car is from an object in the road.

4) Mary is undergoing treatment for the muscular tension that causes her to experience migraine headaches. Every week, Mary is hooked up to a machine that monitors the muscle responses in her forehead while she learns to relax. What is the name for this form of treatment? –biofeedback

5) Maria has the most common form of color blindness. Which task will be especially challenging for her? -Distinguishing the colors of a traffic light.

6) Long-distance runners sometimes report a natural high and a reduction in pain sensitivity associated with the release of?- endorphins.

7) The definition of psychology is generally considered to be?- the understanding of behavior and mental processes.

8) Which part of the eye controls the amount of light that enters the eye?- pupil

9) The "hook-swinging" ritual of rural India?- demonstrates a cross-cultural difference in the experience of pain.

10) You are driving along a dimly lit country road late at night. Which receptor cells are working the hardest?- rods

11) The study of the effects of worry or anxiety on bodily symptoms is a focus of _____ psychology.- health

12) Trichromatic theory explains color blindness by suggesting that?- one of the primary cone systems in the eye malfunctions.

13) The function of the three tiny bones of the middle ear is to?- amplify sound waves being relayed to the oval window.

14) Of the following, which sound has the highest decibel level?- auto horn

15) The central nervous system (CNS) consists of?- the brain and spinal cord.

16) Humans do not see ultraviolet

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