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In your opinion, what are the different types of problem behaviours among students in secondary schools in Malaysia? With the help of your attitude, skills and personality, how would you deal with the behaviours when you become a teacher?

Problem behaviour in classroom is all kind of behaviour of students which can distract and interrupt teaching and learning process in the classroom. Teacher and students is the main asset in a classroom to ensure teaching environment is good and effective. Both parties need to cooperate and lend a hand to each other in making a lesson to a success. Teacher duty is to identify and make corrections on students’ problem behaviour in order to turn the class into a harmonious studying environment. Students also need to play their roles in this scenario by obey and follow teacher’s instructions to ensure their bad things being corrected.

First and foremost, the very common problem that always face by teacher in classroom in a secondary school is a particular group of students did not concentrate to the subject while making noise or chit chatting at the back beach in the class. It is very hard for the teacher to deliver her subject because of the noise interruption and high possibility other students also might get influenced by this group of people. The rest of the students will feel uneasy and uncomfortable to learn and gain knowledge in such an environment. As a teacher, we need to plan and act to control the situation so that it will not distract the learning process of others anymore. When our teaching is going on, if the students making noise or talking to each other, we need to go closer to the particular group of students and give a harsh look at them to make them aware that that are disturbing the learning process. If they are still talking without response to us, we need to use sign language to them by putting our finger on the lips to ask them shut their mouth. It is good if the students can understand and...
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