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Running head: WHY I AM, WHO I AM 1

Why I am, Who I am
Submitted by: Andy Baird
PSY 223-26S2
April 25, 2012

I was born in the late 60’s to the parents of first generation Americans. My grandparents migrated to America through Canada from Scotland in the early 1930’s. Eventually, both sides of the family landed in the Black Hills of South Dakota. My father’s side of the family worked at Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota and my mother’s side of the family ran a trailer park in Hill City while my Grandfather worked at Mount Rushmore. After my parents married, my father followed his father by working at Homestake, while my mother was a stay at home mom. We lived on a hillside over the fairgrounds in Deadwood on Railroad Avenue. My father’s parents lived next door to us. Due to the fear of landslides, the city of Deadwood forced my grandparents and us to move off the hillside. As of 2008, the houses were still on the hillside, granted they slid downhill slightly. It is amazing how tiny the houses are, I would say no more than 400 to 500 square feet, and there were 5 of us who lived in the house. When I was about four years of age, we left the Black Hills and moved to a small mining town in Colorado called Creede. It is here I remember being left handed and having to learn to do things differently. I guess I go against the grain with handedness, according to our studies it suggests it is linked by a genetic basis. (Linke & Kersebaum, 2005) No one else in the family has been left handed, and even today I am still the only one. I still do things different from left or right handed people because I had to learn my own way. I started school while living here; we had a one room school house, and I remember we would follow the creek line down to school and back up the creek line to get home. I remember having a skunk get in the garage, our house was a bi-level with the laundry room in the garage/basement. This is when I learned the phrase “two toned highway cat, with a fluid drive.” We moved from Creede sometime after my first grade of school to Durango, Colorado.

In Durango, we lived in a trailer park, my father worked in various mines, some of which he would stay gone during the week and only come home on the weekends. It was not a large trailer park, so life was like living on Railroad Avenue again. As young boys we would get into lots of trouble, and when we did, if a neighbor seen us, they would start the beatings. I guess one would say it was very hard to get away with much when everyone helped to raise you. I do have quite a few memories from this time period of my life. I was riding my bicycle on the gravel road in the trailer park when I was hit by a car, broke my right leg. I guess I was quite the whiner when I was younger, my mother figured I was just whining again. The next day, she took to the neighbor’s house, he was an x-ray technician and his wife worked somewhere in the hospital. They told my mom to take me to the doctor, where she realized I was not crying wolf this time. Long story short, she still feels bad about it today, and I guess after that I toughened up quite a bit because I never cried wolf again. All of my whining could be explained as a way coping with my feelings, emotions and the stress of my father having to be gone so much. (Craig & Dunn, 2010) We had a lady who lived in the trailer park who sold Avon; she did not like children as I remember it. She was always yelling at us, telling us not to do this and not to do that; I remember she got a new Ford Bronco, she was screaming at us to stay away, don’t scratch the paint, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, we went down to the river and caught a bunch of water snakes. Needless to say, people didn’t lock vehicles back then and we also found out she didn’t like snakes. She climbed in the Bronco,...
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