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Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Applied psychology Pages: 5 (579 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Running head:Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology1

Frances Daniels
March 17, 2015
Ashford University
PSY 302 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Instructor: Julie Johnson

Running head:Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology2 Abstract
The following paper will give valuable information regarding performance appraisal. It will also give example of personal experience with evaluations. Next the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation process will be incorporated into the paper. Lastly strategies to improve the performance appraisal process in your workplace for a more positive experience in the future.

Running head:Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology3 Many companies conduct evaluations during specific times of the year. During this time, the employee has a meeting with their supervisor. Several things are discussed during this meeting; job performance, attendances as well as goals if applicable. This evaluation is available to the employee and a copy is also placed in their personnel file. Performance appraisals should be conducted during this time. At my current place of employment, we have monthly one on one meeting with employees as well as end of the year evaluation. The monthly meetings are to allow employees to see how they are performing, give positive feedback and advise if their is room for improvement. We have what is called performance management central. This is where everything is recorded. The employees has the opportunity to speak on their accomplishment throughout the year and list any desire for advancement within the company. The end of the year review, determines if the employee will receive a raise or promotion. The ratings are needs improvement, low meets, meets, high meets and exceeds. There are many things that coincide with an employee receiving a raise. The manager has direct control on whether or not the employee receives a raise or not. They have the power to overturn decision as well as offer advice to upper management on the employee’s behalf. “Evaluation meetings are valuable to employees for receiving feedback, but sometimes they can be terribly uncomfortable for both the employee and supervisor.”(Internet,2014) “Within organizations, assessment of employees' performance tends to be perceived as a necessary evil that neither managers nor staff particularly likes. Many employees fear that even one low performance rating could affect their pay or damage their career.”( Youssef,Noon,2014) Some weaknesses in the evaluation process are different errors. These errors may not be done

Running head:Performance Appraisals and Positive Psychology4

unintentional however, if the employee has a problem or concern with their evaluation it should be a system in place that will allow them to voice their concern without biased treatment. In some cases errors may be intentional. Managers have the power to intentionally rate employees poorly because of personal feelings or other reasons that should not affect the persons performance They are several things can improve the performance appraisal process in your workplace for a more positive experience in the future. “Organizations should view the process of designing and maintaining a well-functioning performance appraisal system as a worthwhile investment, rather than just an expense, a formality, or a necessary evil.” (Youssef,Noon,2014) Allowing the employee to participate as well as give feedback can assist with less error, therefore yielding a successful and accurate evaluation.

Internet Employee Evaluations (2014)

Importance of Performance Management Process & Best Practices

Youssef C and Noon A (2012) Industrial and Organizational Psychology...
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