Ap Psychology - 2
Topics: Suffering, Child abuse / Pages: 5 (1029 words) / Published: Jan 25th, 2013

A Child Called “It”

The book “A Child Called It” is based on a true story written from the perspective of a young boy who goes through many heartbreaking events. Author Dave Pelzer tells his story of being abused by his mother since he was just a young boy. Throughout the book he tells us about the events that happened to him, the things his mother did to him, and how he fought through this battle of near death experiences so in the end he would triumph and escape his mothers clutches.

As a young child, Dave Pelzer had a great life with his mother, father, and two brothers. They were all a very happy family. But once Dave hit around 5 years old things began to change around home. His mother became this monster he once knew to be his guardian angel. Only after a few short years of Dave’s great life did everything change for him. Nothing was ever going to be the same and he knew it. As time went on his mother became an uncontrollable drunk that would abuse him every chance she had. The strange thing though was that Dave was the only child receiving this torture. His two brothers were still living the good life that he had once had.

Dave was abused everyday of his life and had no way of stopping it. His teachers at school knew about the things that were going on and tried to help as much as they could but whenever his mother was called in for questions about his tattered clothing and the marks on his body, she would make up some excuse to make it seem like everything was normal. As soon as Dave and his mother would get home from those meetings, he knew what was to come and he knew it was going to be worse than usual. Dave endured this abuse for years but finally one day he was saved by a police officer and was told he would never have to set foot in that home again. He was finally free.

As this book ties in with the aspects of psychology, Dave Pelzer did not have any mental disorder, or anything causing his brain not to function the correct way. He

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