Psychology and Its Goals

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Goals of psychology
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What is Psychology?
Before having an eye on the goals of psychology we have to be clear about what psychology is? Some people thinks that this is only the study of human behavior but it is not entirely correct but it can be a part of psychology .In Psychology we not only target the humans but also the animals too. It is the study of understanding minds, natures and behaviors in any particular situation. As the human’s and animal’s minds are so complex and all are different from each other that anyone can hardly imagine by this we can estimate the depth in this field. As other fields eg astronomy, astrology, biology are science piecewise psychology is also a science and does not only dependent on just on observations. It is a science because if we observe any thing and we will get the results what we expect! To lessen this biasness there are some procedures and experiments are done. As we know it is a science in which we study minds and behaviors so it also has its goals as other fields do have they are stated below. Goals of psychology

There are four major goals of psychology that are stated below * Description
* Explanation
* Prediction
* Control
This is the first step of understand anything Here in description we just see what the problem is? Or what is actually happening rather than defining the whole scenario. Some of the questions we can assume here in this scenario e.g. what is happening? To whom its happening? Where it is happening? For example if a person was doing his job perfectly but now a days his performance is affected and laid down badly and became rude to everyone. So there must be some problem. So this is the indication for a treatment. Low performance in the work and having rude behavior are the points which are to be noted here and...
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