History of Psychology

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What is Psychology?
Psychology is said to be the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The study of human behavior, development, and learning; and also seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion, and behavior. Today the question we are doing falls under the History of Psychology. It deals with the earlier schools (Structuralism and Functionalism) and compares them with the most recent schools of psychology (Gestalt psychology, Psychoanalysis and Cognitive Psychology).

What is structuralism (voluntarisms)?
Structuralism is said to be an approach to the human sciences which attempts to break conscious experience, down into objective sensation. Such as sight or taste, and subjective feelings, such as emotional response, will and mental images like memories or dream. Example

Ryan calls Makita, she is conscious of him calling her, now she has to make that into response yt actually using her senses and responding.

Founder of Structuralism
Psychology became recognized as a formal academic discipline when Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920) founded a laboratory for structuralism for psychological study in Germany in 1879. Wundt is often called the “father of experimental psychology” for this reason. However, structuralism is mainly identified with Edward B. Titchener (1867–1927), a student of Wundt.

Structuralism involved a method called introspection (to engage in one’s own mind and feelings). It was self-observed by involving observers that describes elements of an object or experience rather than calling it by a familiar name. Both structuralism and introspection were later criticized, and eventually faded away as newer ideas advanced. Structuralism also deals with elements of experience.

What is functionalism?
The school of functionalism focused on behaviorism in addition to the mind (consciousness). It is concerned with how the mind functions, rather than the structure....
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