PSY103 R7 Remembering Feeling Thinking Worksheet

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Cognition Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: April 13, 2015
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Remembering, Feeling, and Thinking Worksheet

Part I: Motivation, Emotion, and Behavior

Explain the relationships between motivation, emotion, and behavior. How does emotion affect motivation? Provide an example of a specific behavior, and the motivators and emotions that can be behind that behavior. Your response must be at least 300 words.

According to, motivation is an arousal of an organism that acts toward a desired goal. Emotion is the state of consciousness of what one experiences such as love, hate, happy and sad. Behavior is an action or reaction under certain circumstances. The relationship between the three is feelings that one receives under each. Motivation and emotion has some of the same charateristics. Motivation is something in you that drives you to do better, something that makes you want to accomplish better, something that makes a person act a certain type of way. Motivation has a relationship with behavior an can be seen in a persons behavior. Emotion occur as a result of a interaction between perception of environmental stimuli. Motivation refers to the questions of “why” we behave, feel, and think the way we do. Motivation and behavior is usually viewed as two feature that can seemingly have a cause and effect. If I am happy, this gives me a positive motivation to which I would be able to accomplish most anything. If I am sad, then my emotions would be negative, therefore, I would not be motivated to accomplish anything. This state could be justified as a depressive state of mind.

An example of a specific behavior, and the motivators and emotions that can be behind that behavior would be anger and how I go about using my anger. I would think that anger would come from an attitude, and while attitude and behaviors can go hand and hand, ones behavioris the physical manifestation of your attitude and an attitude is an inner thought that comes from whats going on or whats around...

References: Ruud, M. (nd), article, The Four Theories of Emotion – What, Why, and How? Retrieved October 21, 2013 from
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