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EVH 702 – Research Proposal Birth Registration in Yap
What are some factors that’s contributing to the Low Birth Registration among 0-6 years and how is it related to a high prevalence of delayed Birth Registration in Yap?

Daisy Gilmatam
BPH3 , 2012

Table of Contents | | | | 1. Introduction 2.1 Background 2.2 Statement of Problem 2.3 Literature Review | 1 | 2. Study Objective 1.1 General Objective 1.2 Specific Objective | 3 | 3. Methodology 4.4 Study Design and Settings 4.5 Sample Size and Sampling 4.6 Plan for data collection 4.7 Plan for data PROCESSING and ANALYSIS 4.8 Ethical Consideration 4.9 Pretest 4. Work Plan 5. Budget 6. Plan for Administration Monitoring and Utilization of Result | 1 | | | | | | | | | | |
Un-registered Birth has been and continues to be a world-wide problem every where particularly in developing countries. According to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund organization(UNICEF). Registration of a birth is the first legitimate account of a child in the society. It is the official and legal acknowledgement of the birth’s existence in the society and the population at large of the nation. It is giving proper and equal social rights to the child/individual when the birth is registered. (Arun Serrao and Sujatha B.R,2004)In this research paper it states that Birth Registration is the official recording of the birth of a child by some administrative body of the government. It is a permanent and official record of a child’s birth.Any birth that is not registered deprives the child/individual from his human rights in the society. Birth registration is a fundamental human right that is specified in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). All Birth have the right to a name, identity and nationality, and birth

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