Sociology and Inca Death Cult

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Chapter 1 Test
*Sociology: the science that deals with the study of human relationships. -Sociology is a science.

Natural Social

*It is harder to study man
(Man is constantly changing; natural is definitive)
1. Biased
2. Changing
3. Different

1. August Comte: French Philosopher; father of sociology.
2. Lester Ward: Father of American Sociology.

*Sociology Sub-Divisions:
-Demography: where you live; what type of people live there; study of population -Rural and Urban: compare people in diverse areas
-Gerontology: study of elderly people

*What Sociologists look for:
-Causes: why do we hang around our friends?
-Consequences: consequences of the group; result
-Changes: changes in groups? Good or bad?
-Structure: How everyone fits; what role in the group?
-Function: The purpose of the group
-Patterns of Behavior: Things that happen all the time

*The Scientific Method
1. Problem
2. Hypothesis
3. Research Design
4. Collect Data
5. Analyze Data
6. Conclusion

*Research Techniques

1. Observation
a. Contrived: set up scenario see reactions (Wet Paint)
b. Participant: you become part of the group that is being observed.
c. Natural: spy; don’t know people are watching you; trying to get info.

2. Historical Analysis: Look at items from the past to learn about the past. (Inca Death Cult)

3. Content Analysis: Looking for how many times something occurs. (Mentioned or seen) (South Park)

4. Case Study: In-depth study of a person or group of people.

5. Statistical Analysis: Look for mathematical links between things (Cigarettes Lung Cancer)

6. Surveys:...
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