Proposal for a Downsizing Programme

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Terrible Phones 4US |Terrible Phones 4US
Bangor Rd,
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United Kingdom | |Proposal for a Downsizing Programme



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1 Introduction3-4

1.1 Main Aims and Objectives3

1.2 Competitive Enviroment3

1.3 Company Profile3-4

1.4 Downsizing Programme effects (Inc budget)4

2 Recomendations4-7

2.1 Consultation Programee4-5

2.2 Business Analysis5

2.3 Employees Selection5

2.4 Recruitment Freeze5

2.5 Early Retirement6

2.6 Distribution Contract6

2.7 Job Design (Process, Pay and Benefits)6

2.8 Redundancy6-7

2.9 Employee Support (Including Redundant Employees)7

3 Evaluation8

3.1 Structure8

3.2 Transition8

3.3 Company Image8

|Chapter |Introduction | |1 | |

1.1 Main aims and Objectives

This report is to recommend a downsizing programme which is built upon the companies previously agreed redundancy programme and to carry out a cut of 50 employees within the production and distribution department, these cuts will also include job redesign. The downsizing recommendations for the remaining departments will follow in a different report. The downsizing programme also aims to work with the union and non-union members in a consultation process to ease the transition.

1.2 Competitive Environment

The telecommunications industry is changing creating the need for a more competitive company. The changes that are happening are that there is greater competition in the market with foreign firms such as China Netcom and China Telecom are entering the UK market[1] increasing the number of firms. Also the European Union is looking to improve competition by breaking open the telecommunication markets further by giving national authorities stronger powers[2]. The type of competition is also changing in recent times as firms grow in size and capability as they merge. The recent trend being the buy out broadband and telephone companies so that firms are then able to offer bundled services[3].

1.3 Company Profile

Terrible Phones 4US is situated in Conwy North Wales. The main site is to the North Western edge of Conwy on Bangor Road the opposite side of the A55 to the Conwy golf club. Terrible Phones 4 US employees 360 people with a breakdown below: |Department |Employment Numbers | |Production |300 | |Sales |15 | |Accounts |5 | |Human Resources |10 | |IT |5 | |Purchasing |5 | |Distribution |20 |

This is Terrible Phones 4US only production facility as it does not currently operate outside the UK. We operate a distribution service covering the UK that delivers the finished products to the client’s central distribution points and not to any shops they may own.

1.4 Downsizing programme affects (Inc budget)

The budget is £100,000, it is this high...
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