Building Shared Services At RR Communic

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Case 4
Matt Lombardo

Building Shared Services at RR Communications

Key Issues
1. There is a lot of competition in the telecommunication field. The competition will focus results and pressures on the revenue stream. 2. The four key lines of business are Internet, Mobile, Cable TV, and Landline. Each line of business had a divisional CIO. Each entity division has bought its own software, hardware and has there own customer service centers. 3. The new VP has put the company on track for easy entrants of new products. This is polar opposite of the previous term that had a “we cant do that” attitude. 4. Centralization has been negatively viewed within the organization but the new VP has been able to alleviate some of the hostility by centralizing purchasing of equipment and software. 5. Putting enterprise architecture in place was a struggle so a steering committee was founded for project approval. 6. Accounts managers were placed throughout the chain of command. Their job was to find opportunities and act as a bridge between IT and business units. 7. Outsourcing options were a topic of discussion but would require more centralization. 8. Data within divisions is disorganized. To alleviate this the data must become centralized but hostility towards this is expected.

1. Eliminate the spate customer service centers and centralize the process. This will eliminate future duplication, eliminate existing redundancy, expedite the credit approval and collection process, and deliver more value for less cost. This centralized customer service center will also ensure a singular service quality, accuracy and consistency. With the central location will allow information sharing in a uniform format. Once its uniform the analytical power will greatly increase. Some other positives from this will be maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing retention rates, while being able to relocate excess resources and capabilities.

2. Create a...
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