RWT1 Research & Business Report

Topics: Google, Google Apps, Gmail Pages: 6 (1580 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Business Research Report
Insurance Agency Expanding Into Call Center Selling.

Assessment Code: RWT1
Student Name: John Graves
Student ID: 000333999
Date: 1/14/14
Mentor Name: Paula Rosmanitz

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Research Findings4
Five9 Cloud Contact Center Solutions4


Google Apps For Business5


Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to explore the opportunities of moving our company to a call center/ remote agent model. I will examine which technologies we would benefit from and how they would improve and expand our business.

While doing my research I discovered several companies in a similar field as ours. And what they were doing to expand their sales force. And how we could adapt the technologies to do the same.

The problem I see with us expanding our sales force is that we have to expand our reach nationally and our traditional business model will not allow us to do it in the time needed to keep up with the competition.

So my recommendation to resolve our problem is to expand nationally using the call center model in-house and with remote agents in the field. I will discuss the technology needed to make this happen while decreasing expenses and improving revenue. My recommendation are as follows:

1. That we adapt the Five9 Technology to utilize VOIP technology to help increase or ability to contact current and future clients.

2. That we utilize the Velocify technology to manage our current and future leads and clients.

3. We move our company to the clouds to utilize all of the benefits of doing so with Google Apps for Business.
In this report I will expand on the idea of moving our insurance agency to a call center model. Where we will have the ability to reach a broader scope of clientele nationwide. I will also explain in detail the required technological improvements in which we would need to incorporate in order to put our company in the call center field.

Research Findings

Five9 Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Five9 is a cloud contact center solution which allows agents to connect with clients via VOIP technology. Five9 is completely web based which allows for easy integration into to our current systems since no hardware up grades are needed. This also allows our agent work remotely werever they have a web connection and a PC. We will have direct supervision regardless of agent location with the use of the management applications such as call recording and quality management (assurance). Management will have instant access to reports for evaluation of the agents performance. The use of Five9 will increase our outbound lead generation with the use of predictive/power dialing. Five9 directly integrates with the CRM that I will also be expounding on later in the report Velocify. Analysis: With my analysis of Five9 I see our company increasing our clientele reach, lead response time and client touches. Which in turn will increase revenue, client retention and agency growth. We will now have the ability to recruit work at home agents nationwide using the newly incorporated technology. And since there is no hardware upgrades needed and most agents currently have a PC and web connection this keeps our overhead for expanding our sales force low.


Velocify is a intelligent sales automation solutions which include a Lead Manager and Velocify Dial-IQ products that deliver clear, repeatable processes that can systematically accelerate sales performance through rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved sales team productivity, and provide actionable insights. Velocify is completely web based which will allow for easy implementation into our current system. Velocify allows agents to receive their leads at anytime, even on their mobile device. Velocify Lead Manager empowers you to deploy best-in-class...

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