Alice Saddy

Topics: Performance appraisal, Person, Management Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Alice Saddy:
* External & Internal Design (more internal then external) – looking at crises and causes * Very little external analysis (no porter, vrine, swot) – confusing reporting relationships, not able to deal w/stress of…supervision problems, span of control issues,

* Staff: ability of supervisors to ensure, without putting clients at risk, that they are properly looked after. Strong pressure and amount of quality of care needed because of risk clients are put at is rising. * By product, by process, by customer, by geography?

* Try to present alternatives in org. charts – ex. reporting vertical, horizontal, supervision, staffing requirements * 12 pgs, single spaced
* PAGE NUMBERS! Have enough white space
* Integrate analysis of different alternatives
* No executive summary, or introduction
* Key issue/challenge faced
* Causes & consequences
* Effectiveness? Burning out employees
* Approx. 1-3 alternatives
* What needs to be done

1. Primary issue facing Ken MacLellan: had meeting with Kathie Wolcott (HR), who received feedback from support workers about problems are occurring at Alice Saddy (non-profit agency supporting people with developmental disabilities, teaching them daily living skills to help enable them to live more independently – 125 people by 2007. Committed to responding to issues raised within a week. * Current org. structure is too confusing and frustrating, slowed decision making processes (therefore, fast response times were not met and communicated was hindered), and created potential risks for the people they serve.

2. How does the philosophy of Alice Saddy affect org. structure? * Believes all people have the right to be respected as valued members of their community and society. * All people must: have the opportunity to be active, contributing members of their community; be recognized as individuals with a unique and valued contribution; be...
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