Proposal for a Animation Dissertation

Topics: Film, Film theory, Film director Pages: 8 (3005 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Three initial ideas for dissertation.

1. Analogue film and its imprint on the digital era.

This thesis for a dissertation would have set about to analyse the relationship between analogue and digital filmmaking and the differences in these practices since the rise of the latter’s popularity and usability. The paper would have evaluated digital filmmaking practices and the new range of techniques that modern technology has brought about, giving reference to the rise of importance in editing since the development of red-one and the response to this of various filmmakers, Lars Von Trier etc. New aesthetics would have also been explored, looking at films such as Inland Empire (Lynch, 2006) and Trash Humpers (Kornine, 2009) and the ways in which contemporary films utilise imperfections of the digital medium to create new aesthetics in opposition to that of the cultured visuals of Hollywood cinematics. The essay would also have devoted a chapter to Marshall McLuhan’s theories of the postmodern effect of globalisation through the Internet and how new media has changed the face of film and the way practitioners can operate within visual culture.

2. Auteurism – career momentum that outlasts the diminishment of practitioner’s talents.

This dissertation would have explored the effect on a director that being branded an auteur can have. The paper would have formed a discussion on how being branded an auteur early in a filmmakers career can end up inadvertently damaging their product. The dissertation would have utilised case studies on directors such as Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson and M. Night Shyamalan to form the basis for an argument on the view that the directors films are so highly praised for aspects of cinematography and narrative that, in later projects, revert to conforming to what they believe audiences expect of them and begin to display a distinct impression of ‘style over substance’. It would go on to suggest, backed up by aforementioned case studies, that directors can have the tendency to become lost within their own visuals and thematic traits and loose sight of what got them branded as an auteur in the first instance. This idea was formed through watching M. Night Shyamalan in chronological order and forming an opinion that he has utilised the ‘twist’ ending to such an extent that it no longer shocks an audience and creates the effect that garnered him so much critical acclaim after the release of The Sixth Sense (1999). Stemming from this realisation the paper would study other auteur branded director’s films and formed an opinion on whether the tag of an auteur can damage a practitioners brand.

3. Hasta la vista… movie – the effect of ‘geek culture’ on the modern day movie experience

This paper would have studied the effect of geek culture on the modern day viewing experience when anticipating and watching an upcoming film. The paper would have drawn on statements made by Marshall McLuhan about the rise in usability of the internet and new media and how this has affected the way in which modern day audiences participate in the movie going experience. The dissertation would have utilised examples such as the modern trailer, blogs, the film website, critics reviews and events such as film and comic book conventions to introduce the thesis that curiosity and commentary on films through these mediums destroy the feeling of ambiguity experienced by cinema goers who previously could enter a film not knowing a thing about the film they were about to watch, and how this is an era that now lies well within the past. It would analyse the modern day climate in which a person can read a magazine and scour the Internet for 30 minutes and have already found out the main events, listened to the soundtrack and know every stylistic trait of a film before viewing it. The paper would have presented this view but also attempted to present an unbiased argument by stating that it is because of this ‘geek...
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