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APPENDIX D – Individual Masters Project (60 credits) – Proposal Pro forma 1500 Words

INDIVIDUAL MASTERS PROJECT (60 credits)Supervision Acceptance Form (AY 2008/09)| |
Student Name: Shuo Wang / i7282991|
Preferred Supervisor: SherryIt cannot be guaranteed that your choice of supervisor will be granted. If your chosen supervisor is not available then a suitable supervisor will be allocated to you.| |

Project Title:The application and development of e-commerce in catering industry| Project Area: (200)Brief introduction to the project Research Question that the project is designed to Answer In the 21st century, the rapid development of computer and network technology impels internet applications to become more and more popular in daily life. Nowadays, the society is advancing to transform quickly to the information-based society. Information automation can lead people to deal with the complicated jobs easily, and it also improves working efficiency for people. Additionally, the use of e-commerce brings huge changes and opportunities to enterprises. E-commerce is a revolution, and it represents a kind of direction which is a new economy business model of the new civilization. As a result, how to transform a traditional business to an e-business properly is the problem for various industries, especially, catering industry is a good example for changing. This project will focus on how to run e-commerce in cantering industry, and it will be based on one specific company which is a Chinese restaurant named City Bay Views, through the use of e-commerce network technology properly to reduce the operating costs for this restaurant, to improve the efficiency of the service, to optimize the restaurant environment and to improve its competitiveness.| |

Aim and Objectives of Project: (1000)Background of the projectDefined goal and objectivesThe societal vision of the organisationExpected short-term and long-term resultsBeneficiaries of the projectProblems solved by the project Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. (wikipedia,1979) Nowadays, the rapid progress of e-commerce influences people's life step by step, more and more companies are trying to make profits by the aid of the power of e-technology. The transformation of traditional industry to e-commerce has been becoming the topical issues in the world. It cannot be denied that food is the first necessity of the people, and especially Chinese food is always popular in the world. City Bay Views as a traditional upscale restaurants, was founded by Chinese 20 years ago. Although it still has maintained a good sale today, the marketing concept of the operators is outdated for consumers. They still determine the requirements of consumers rely on their own subjective, and they are unable to adapt to the rapid changes of consumer tastes and spending habits. Additionally, consumers can only choose the types of cuisine which are provided by manager instead of choosing the course which rely on their favour. Furthermore, within the internal catering industry, the spreading of information is very weak and ill-informed, and it lacks the necessary communication among each department. Sometimes the catering industry might be fragmented and need to be personalized and flexible. However, fittingly, e-commerce is a type of production which is tend to be a flexible customized or personalized service, so it is not only suitable to develop the e-commerce for the restaurant, but also it can make City Bay Views become a new modern profitable company. In short, it is really necessary to do the research on the development of e-commerce for catering industry.( Squidoo, 2008)There are several benefits by using e-commerce in catering industry: For operators:1. It can expand the market and facilitate...
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