Proof That the Supernatural Does Exist

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“There must be something more to this life.” Every person able to understand this

statement at least thinks about it every once in a while, and most of them make attempts

to figure it out. Many search for the answer in finding their own style, others in sports,

and others in how they think about people and life, but most eventually find that these

areas of life do not satisfy their craving for something more. Thus, many people turn to a

search for something beyond what they can understand and look into the supernatural;

others just discard the possibility of the supernatural’s existence altogether as a figment

of their imagination and never find out how much more there is to life. What many

people do not realize though is that there are many different evidences that prove its

existence happening everyday, if people would just take the time to notice them. Take

into account that people have their own opinions about these beliefs, but that despite

those, there is the truth that lies deeper and that shall always remain. Most aspects of the

supernatural are mysteries that we may never fully comprehend but the evidence of their

existence can be easily seen if looked for.

One unexplained mystery of the supernatural is the near-death experience (Morse

226). Many people that are unrelated and from different age groups have allegedly all

had the same type of near-death experience (Morse 13). According to those who have had

near-death experiences, they are first out of their body and can watch how the people

around them react to their being dead or even observe what the doctors are doing to their

body. They are then crawling up a tunnel and see “beings in white” there to greet them.

Afterwards they must make a conscious decision to return back to their body. After

having a near-death experience the patients usually find themselves able to recall in great

detail what the doctors were doing to them at the point of time they were in surgery

(Morse 39-40). According to a group of researchers, near-death experiences are natural

and they happen to people when they die (Morse 202); contrary to popular belief, they do

not occur as a result of drugs, sleep deprivation, bad dreams, subconscious awareness of

surgery, or lack of oxygen in the blood but occur only near death or at death (Morse 47-

48). This shows that the “something” that makes live and that goes through a near-death

experience must also survive bodily death and experience a life beyond (Morse xi).

Thomas Aquinas, a famous philosopher, taught that God exists. In fact, he went

as far as to say that it is impossible for him not to exist. The idea of God is the idea of

that which nothing greater can be conceived. If, in fact, God exists only in thought,

something greater could be conceived. Thus, God must exist because then nothing

greater can be conceived. This is known as the ontological proof and no one has been

able to prove it wrong yet. Another argument about the existence of God is whether or

not He is a contingent being. Aquinas taught that in order for any contingent being to

exist, that the existence of something necessary or self-contained must be presumed

(Metaphysics 1-2). Atheists believe that there is no God and that even if there is that it

would be impossible for people to know Him or not know Him, if they knew what kind

of existence God is supposed to have (Atheism 3). But if God is that which nothing

greater can be conceived then neither atheists, nor anyone, could possibly know the kind

of existence that God is supposed to have.

Yet another example of the existence of the supernatural is found in the evidence

of angels, demons, and spirits, the beings that most people call “Ghosts.” The very fact

that there are paranormal detectives who have found certain readings and evidences that

they cannot...

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