Project Selection Process

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Project Selection Methods

OPS/TM 571
June 10, 20XX

Project Selection Methods

This week assignment required for one to choose a process that one does every day that one wants to change or improve. As one ponding on what one want to change, or improve, or spent less time doing something. One decided to look at ways to improve one’s ability to lose weight. The benefit of one losing weight is one will increase her changes of reach the age of 95 as her grandmother did. One will be more productive at work and home. One will be able to show one’s children, grandchildren, great-grandchild, coworker, family, and friends if one can make a change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle he or she can as well. One’s has lost several family member and coworker to obesity, and one has made a promise to family and coworker to do whatever is necessary to live a long and healthy life.

The process selection method is critical to one achieving a successful outcome. A company, or organization, or individual using the project selection method will helps one to identify if there is a need for a project. The next step in the project selection process is to identify the right tools need to facilitate a change or make a way of accomplishing improvement of a task, project, and process.

According to "Project Selection Methods" (n.d.), there are various project selection methods applied by progressive company, and business, these systems have different structures and attributes ("Project Selection Methods", n.d.).

For the purpose of evaluating this project selection methods one selected the benefit measurement method, known as the comparative approach. This will be helpful as one collects data from week to week. One will use several data sheet that will collect food consumption, exercises, weight gain, and lose. The data collection will help one to compare, such as where other female of similar...

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