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Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Surgery Pages: 6 (1239 words) Published: April 23, 2015

ESSAY TOPIC: In response to concerns about obesity and weight-related health issues, there are a number of approaches to weight loss on offer. Compare and contrast a more traditional approach to weight loss, such as a healthy diet and exercise, with a surgical procedure used for the purposes of losing weight. Which is more effective in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight?


Thesis statement: This essay will focus on comparing and contrasting whether a traditional method to weight loss or a surgical approach such as bariatric surgery is better for human health and suggest that ,considering the long term health condition,the traditional approach is more beneficial .

A. Traditional approach to weight lose is the healthiest way . (Markey, 2013) 1. Maintain healthy lifestyle
2. Burn fat and prevent disease

B. Surgical method is another way to lose weight loss but it has disadvantages.(Markey, 2013) 1. Regain weight quickly.
2. Undertake the risk of complications.
C. Metabolism plays a crucial role in the process of losing weight.(Lange,2014) 1. Exercising not only promotes the speed of metabolism but boosts brain power 2. Surgery may decrease the speed of digestion and lead to heart disease. D. If the behavioral strategies do not work, some people will choose gastric bypass surgery ,but it has several drawbacks.(Lange,2014) 1. Cost expensive

2. Problems into individual gastrointestinal system

In conclusion, traditional method is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight and to maintain a long term outcome.
Share some alike: both principle is to lose weight effectively Differs:
Fast versus long term
Risk versus safety

文章body 部分大致需要五段来对比traditional way /surgical procedure。 都具体包括哪些方式以及手术名称 效果等

每段的topic sentence 后要加evidence.

Conclusion 要对比哪个方式好 和critical thinking.
Reference list:

Markey,K.(2013).Traditional weight loss vs surgical weight Retrieved 2013,from

Lange,H.(2014)Modern weight loss vs traditional weight Retrieved 2014,from

Advantages and disadvantages of losing weight(2007).
Retrieved March 2015)

Jakicic,J.M.,Coleman,E.,Donnelly,J.E.,Foreyt,J.,Melanson, al.(2001).Appropriate intervention strategies for weight loss and prevention of weight regain for adults.Medicine&Science in Sports&Exercise,33(12),2145-2156.1

这个reference list可以改动 但是一定要academic resources+ APA style INTRODUCTION

Obesity has been increasing rapidly throughout the world during these years. It has been proved to be associated with chronic diseases. For example,“In the United States, there are approximately 55-60% of adults are classified as overweight” and more than 80% of these deaths are inpatients with a BMI over 30. (Jakicic, 2001). Two ways for individuals lose weight which are by a traditional approach or a surgical procedure. The surgical method indeed indeed to lose weight quickly but it also accompanied by complications. Furthermore,there is a risk of regaining the weight in the short term. Therefore, considering the long-term outcome, traditional method is much healthier and would be a better choice. Not only leads to a steady weight loss lose weight steadily but also maintain a healthy body condition.

Introduction这部分要写thesis statement .
每一页要加page numbers.


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