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Topics: Marketing research, Focus group, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Trecian Brown
Professor Tustin
Unit 5 Project
Student Computer Lab
A major university opened a new computer lab for their Business School students. Due to the large number of students enrolled in the business school the computer lab had an overwhelming demand. The business school computer was unable to meet the overwhelming demand s the students needed to the computer lab. Therefore, Rod Stevenson, the director of the Student Computer Center decided to hold focus groups. The objective of the focus group was to determine overall student satisfaction with the lab, identify current problem areas and collect student recommendations for improvements.

In the Focus group the moderator did an adequate job of getting the information needed by the SCC because he engaged the students. The moderator asked specific questions that he thought would give him an outlook on how the students feel about the current operation of the computer lab. For example, Churchill (2008) stated, “how do you think the computer lab is meeting your needs?”(p. 519). Several students said that there is a problem because of the student using the computers, are not knowledgeable about computers. While others a saying it’s the computer lad attendants who do not know what they are doing.

I think it was a wise to have a group with both graduate and undergraduate students included because they are the students who are using the computer lab. It was great to have opinions and thoughts from both sides. Although each side may think they both need to have a separate time where the lab is dedicated to graduates and undergraduates. This idea may work but realistically it will still add up to the same amount of people utilizing the computer lab.

After analyzing the transcripts Churchill (2008) stated the following problems and ideas generated for the computer lab:
The folks who are using the computer don’t know about computers.
They are transmitting viruses on the computers.
There is no...

References: Churchill, Gilbert A. (2008). Basic Marketing Research 7th Edition. Mason, OH: South-Western
Cengage Learning.
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