Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control

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Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control
The project life cycle uses four phases to describe how a project starts, peaks, and declines as the project is delivered to the customer. The process of putting the plan into action is the execution phase and consists of creating the project team, monitoring the project, and controlling changes. Monitoring is the process of assessing project performance. Project control is the process of controlling the deviations from the plan (Gray & Larson, 2008). Team Development

There are several models for developing a project team. Gray and Larson (2008) suggest a five-stage model. A second model described by Messmer (2004) provides a more succinct description. Assembling the team

When creating a team, managers must evaluate potential members for expertise, interpersonal skills, ability to communicate effectively, and their ability to work on the project from beginning to end. The project manager must also check with each individual’s supervisor to confirm his or her findings before requesting the individual be assigned to the team. Developing the team

After identifying team members, a meeting is set to review the draft action plan. Participants are encouraged to provide feedback so they feel more connected to the project. Procedures are established for conflict resolution, expenditure approvals, and communications. The goal is to obtain buy in for the final guidelines and expectations before distributing the new action plan. Managing the team

The team leader must be an effective coach without micromanaging. A process for evaluating progress ensures individual contribution. Conflicts in time management may affect a member’s ability to complete project requirements. In some cases, a project manager may need to select a substitute with time to complete necessary tasks. During meetings, an administrative professional should be comfortable sharing ideas just as any executive. The project manager’s strategy includes careful consideration of potential participants and sufficient direction and motivation to encourage effective collaboration among team members. Execution

Taylor (2006) identifies several steps a project manager must conduct to ensure the project proceeds according to the plan. The steps were planned during the development phase and need not be accomplished sequential and may be started in parallel. Cost Accounts

The first step in executing the plan is to set up cost accounts by identifying small components of the project and monitoring them individually. Each component is associated with its own cost and is measured against the planned budget. Ideally the individual components were identified in the work breakdown structure. Collocate team

The team members should be collocated in the same building or complex, and more specifically, on the same floor. Doing so enhances good communications, builds esprit de corps, and provides an opportunity for checks and balances by allowing members to discuss challenges as they occur. Selecting a facility at the proposed location provides the added benefit of familiarizing the team members with the area. Work orders

The project manager issue the work orders as part of the control process. Each work order specifies how the requirements are fulfilled, how much is allotted for the task, and the time constraints for the task. As a minimum, each work order includes the statement of work, a time-phased budget for labor, materials, and other direct costs, schedules and milestones, specifications and requirements, cost account number, and signatures of the persons authorizing and accepting responsibility of the work to be done. Request for Proposal (RFP)

The company must formally invite contractors through an RFP to bid on the project. The RFP identifies how, where, and when contractors should respond. Each response to the RFP must provide comprehensive price and schedule...
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