oilwell cable company case solution

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The following case describes an unusual organizational arrangement for an actual manufacturing firm. The company is largely run by the employees through teams. When projects are instituted, it is common to pass the idea through the relevant teams first, before any changes are made. However, not everything can be passed through all the teams that may be involved in the change, and this can be a source of trouble.





Jack R. Meredith
As Norm St. Laurent, operations manager for Oilwell
Cable Company, pulled his Bronco 4x4 onto Kansas’
Interstate 70, he heard on the CB about the traffic jam
ahead of him due to icy road conditions. Although the
traffic was moving some, Norm decided to get off at
the eastern offramp for Lawrence, rather than the more
direct western offramp, to save time. While waiting for
the offramp to come up, Norm’s mind drifted back to
his discussion with Bill Russell, the general manager,
on the...
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