Case Study 3 Modified

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Case Study 3

Challenge Summary
The public school system in Washington, D.C. is suffering from problems with truancy, low student performance and crime. To make significant changes to the current state, a proposal to develop a new after school program to target these three problem areas. The Woodson Foundation has extensive skills in raising private funds and coordinating community efforts with that of educational professionals. Utilizing the strengths of the Woodson Foundation will be paramount to creating a successful after-school program. Assets to Successful Implementation:

All Parties have the common goal and benefit of student success. The Woodson Foundation has a proven track record of raising funds to create a program that is self-reliant and not dependent on revues from the school board. Additionally, they have won several awards for minimizing costs and still proving excellent service. National Coalition for Parental Involvement (NCPIE) is able to encourage parental involvement via the PTA by educating parents in constructive ways to assist the program. Teaching staff is motivated by better student performance as it will result in a more positive working environment Enhancing student performance will in turn help resolve truancy and crime

Hindrances to Successful Implementation:
Bureaucratic School Board wants to limit practices within existing policies and procedures with strict hiring guidelines. Racial imbalance in diversity among members of the Woodson Foundation NCPIE feels parents should have more control over educational concerns while school faculty feels they should have more control Team Recommendations:

Strategies for successful team formation would be to find a balanced team that would represent all interested parties to reduce conflict and to create a diversified coalition. Fair representation will reduce feelings of resentment and reduce friction from outside sources so that the team may focus their energies on solving the...
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