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Tremendously, Malaysian nurses are among of the backbone of the medical practitioner, has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Nurses provide a continuous service around the clock for the benefit of all citizens in the country. In many cases, nurses work double or triple shifts, to provide holistic nursing care. Nurses contribute major roles in the healthcare systems and as competent health care providers. Nursing is a dynamic profession and forever striving to meet the challenging needs due to constant change occurring in the profession.

Nowadays, nurses generally became accountable for their own practices and they have been at the vanguard of new role development. However, nursing at times, will cross their boundaries in providing care, as an individual or teamwork to save patient lives. This may result overlapping of roles. Nurses adapting the changing environment and continually develops new skills (Chaboyer, 2001). Doyal (1998) argues on nurses and others medical practitioner is doing physician’s work, which has involved the creation of new roles. As described by Nancarow & Borthwick (2005), the nurses have an opportunity to identify a new role in getting change within their expertise boundary.

This paper will explore, discuss and critically analyze on the impact on professional roles on crossing professional boundary that often occur in my practice performs task which is suppose done by anesthetic physicians. The issues that I am going to debates here is on my daily activities, cross professional boundary of preparing, diluting and administering the intrathecal opiate drugs. Occasionally, most of the time, the boundaries usually consider that is not clear issues, whether right or wrong. It depends on a lot of factors and required careful of thinking through of all the issue. Health professionals are individual who is accredited by professional bodies upon having completed a program, it is important of professional boundaries in nursing practice because it is a marker or limit of professional roles and responsibilities who works and interact with others in the workplace. Boundaries defined as a dividing the line between place, people, things and ideas that serve to place differentiate among those.

The most controversial of the boundary issue, in the nursing profession has never ended and does exist everywhere in their daily activities. Strong partnerships among health care workers become critical in ensuring continuity care, working collaboratively and sometimes acting as somebody role’s profession. Certainly, it is beneficial to patients if all health professional can share knowledge and competence skills in their workplace as long as they can manage within their own competencies. Nurses also admitted sharing knowledge and information with physicians in their practice. The merging of roles and responsibilities among healthcare still can never be sure about the balance and the quality output. Nurses struggle for uncertain images (Allbaran & Scholes, 2005).

Conversely with cross boundaries, where blurring boundaries are not clearly stated who should do something. This is because cross boundaries are something that crossing the boundary line that's not actually exist. Rushmer (2005) stated that in her studies, overlaps the working to share a skill, duties and knowledge are not a blurring boundaries, but these will sound effective inter-professional working and promotes successful team working. In my daily work activities in the intensive care unit (ICU) at times, the boundaries have been crossed with permission and sometimes it crossed without permission or violated. When sharing boundaries are ignored, nothing is clear, collaborators will lose their certainty. There are the needs of collaborative practice within the professional groups (Chaboyer, 2001).

I am a Critical Care Nurse, completed my Intensive Care nursing in the year 2005. In year 2008, I...
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