Product Visibility and Packaging

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Dr. Meeta Nihalani PreetiVarghese

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With immense pleasure I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Dr. (Mrs.) Meeeta Nihalani for her constant guidance and support throughout this project..

I would also like to express my indebtedness and convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who have directly or indirectly helped and contributed towards the completion of this project including all the respondents who invested their valuable time in my study and my family and friends for their valuable suggestions and cooperation.

Preeti Varghese

MBA 1st Semester




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Date: Dr. (Mrs.) Meeta Nihalani Place: Jodhpur Head Of The Department Department of Management Studies Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur


1. Introduction
• Abstract
• Aim

2. Overview Related To Product Visibiliy
• Prelude
• Importance of Packaging
• Functional Requirements

3. Research methodology
• Primary Data
• Secondary Data

4. Objectives
• Objectives of the study
• Hypothesis and Assumptions

5. Data Analysis and Findings
• Questionnaire

6. Product Specifications
• Parle
• Sim Cards

7. Conclusion

8. References

9. Bibliography

‘To succeed in business it is necessary to make others see things as you want themto see.’

-John H. Patterson


Becoming visible is something every small business strives to do. Visibility is the principal idea behind brand advertising and promotion.


Product visibility is a function of persistence, precision and repetition - Your message needs to be heard repeatedly to rise above the background noise of daily business. Whether you're planning a product launch, rollout or reintroduction, The Product Visibility Package provides a full spectrum of awareness and lead-generation services. The combination of advertising and independent analyst content gives a well balanced perspective on your products features and benefits. The Product Visibility Package gets your product's story before a focused, receptive audience of qualified users and buyers. It has been tailored to generate visibility, impact and leads for a sustained period of time. In todays competitive environment the role of packaging has changed due to the change in consumers’ lifestyle. Firms’ interest in packaging as a marketing tool for sales promotion is growing increasingly. Package becomes an ultimate selling proposition stimulating impulsive buying behavior, increasing market share and reducing promotional costs....
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