Five W 1 H : Root, Cause, and Problem Solving

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Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is no different. I would like to acknowledge each and every one whose efforts were indispensible through this medium. I am grateful to everyone who has taken great pains to make this project report a success. I thank, the Almighty, God for the constant blessings, wisdom and good health. I thank my parents, for being a sincere source of moral support through thick and thin. I would specially like to thank Mr. Rambabu Kodali, the instructor of this course for his unending guidance and encouragement and being a constant source of support throughout the stages of this report work. I am indeed grateful to him for being there with words of encouragement whenever we looked up to him for help. I would thank my friends who guided me and helped me, as and when required.


TOPIC 1. Acknowledgement 2. Table of Contents 3. Introduction 4. What is 5W1H? 5. History of 5W1H 6. When and how to use 5W1H 7. Toyota and 5W1H 8. 5W1H in Six Sigma 9. 5W1H in Industrial Sales 10.5W1H in SEO Content Market Planning 11. Conclusion 12. Bibliography

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What is Problem Solving? Problem solving is a mental process and is part of the larger problem process that includes problem finding and problem shaping. Considered the most complex of all intellectual functions, problem solving has been defined as higher-order cognitive process that requires the modulation and control of more routine or fundamental skills. Problem solving occurs when an organism or an artificial intelligence system needs to move from a given state to a desired goal state. Problem solving is of crucial importance in engineering when products or processes fail, so corrective action can be taken to prevent further failures. Perhaps of more value, problem solving can be applied to a product or process prior to an actual fail event i.e. a potential problem can be predicted, analyzed and mitigation applied so the problem never actually occurs. Techniques like Failure Mode Effect Analysis can be used to proactively reduce the likelihood of problems occurring. Forensic Engineering is an important technique of failure analysis which involves tracing product defects and flaws. Corrective action can then be taken to prevent further failures. Throughout time, newer ways of solving problems have been devised to obtain effective solutions and help the engineers and the rest alike. Among the myriad problem solving techniques, a few are mentioned below: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Deming Wheel of Improvement GROW model Plan- Do- Check- Act ( PDCA ) Cycle Productive Thinking Model 5W1H Fishbone Analysis Pareto Chart FMEA

Among these, one method which has assumed a lot of importance in the recent past is the 5W1H method. The following pages will deal with the procedure elaborately and will shed light on its uses and implications.

Five Ws and one H or the Six Ws is a concept in news style, research and in police investigations that are regarded as basics in information-gathering. It is a formula for getting the "full" story on something. The maxim of the Five W's (and one H) is that for a report to be considered complete it must answer a checklist of six questions, each of which comprises an interrogative word. Who is it about?  What happened?  Where did it take place?  When did it take place?  Why did it happen?  How did it happen? The 5W1H signify the questions, “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why” and “How” to derive the root cause of the problem. They signify the following: 1. What: What happened? 2. Where: Where did it happen? 3. Who: Who was responsible for it? 4. When: When did it happen? 5. Why: Why did it happen? 6. How:...
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