Product Innovation

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New Product Management
Term Project HW#4

1. Select three new product concepts from HW#3 and follow the concept testing procedure to design a concept testing form for each new product concept. 從作業三中選擇三個新的產品概念,並跟隨概念測試程序來為每一個新產品概念設計一個概念測試。

2. Use the designed concept testing form in 1 and invite your classmates or colleagues (at least six) as respondents to receive concept testing interview for the three new product concepts. 使用第一題你所設計的概念測試,並邀請你的同學或同事(至少6人)作為答題者,來接受針對三個新產品概念的概念測試訪談。

3. Based on the concept test results to estimate the trial rate for each concept. 根據概念測試結果,估計每個概念的商品試用率(trial rate)。(第一次試用你的產品的顧客比率)

4. Estimate the awareness rate and the availability rate for each new product concept. Use the estimated trail rate in 3 and the A-T-A-R model to obtain the sales forecast for each new product concept. Compare the concepts’ sale forecasts. 估計每個新產品概念的知曉率(awareness rate)和可用率(availability rate)。使用第三題的估計的商品試用率和 A-T-A-R模型來為每個新產品概念進行銷售預測。比較這些概念的銷售預測。

5. Based on the scoring models of Industrial Research Institute and NewProd studies, determine scoring factors and design a scoring form for full screening of the three new product concepts. 根據Industrial Research Institute和NewProd studies的評分模型,決定評分因素,並為了三個新產品概念的全面篩選(full screening)設計一個評分表。

6. Among your team members, choose one to serve as the “marketing” head, the second to serve as the “technical” head, the third to serve as the “financial” head, and the fourth, if there is one, to serve as the “operational” head. Each new product concept should be scored by all team members. Calculate the total score for each new product concept. Rank the new product concepts based on the total score and determine which concept(s) are to be kept. 在你的組員中,選擇一位來當作「銷售」領導,第二位作為「技術」領導,第三位作為「財務」領導,若有第四位,則作為「營運」領導。每一個新產品概念都應該要被所有組員評過分。為每一個新產品概念計算總分。根據總分為新產品概念排序,並決定哪一個概念要被保留。

7. Compare the results of 4 and 6 and discuss the differences. Based on results of 4 and 4, determine the highest ranked new product concept....
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