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Activeion Makes for a Simple Cleaning Solution
1) What are the major points of difference for the Activeion portable handheld cleaning and sanitizing devices for a) business users and b) households? a) The first question about business is that it meets the demand for “Green” cleaning all firms would like to report that. It has no negative environmental and health concerns that other brands have. Other cleaners have risk associated with producing, packaging, transporting and using. It is small in size but water is cheap and plentiful in a corporation along with being durable. b) The reason that this product would be great for households are it is chemical free and very portable. This would be the only product needed for the whole household. The product could clean the bathroom, kitchen, kids toys, and safer for children. No more putting child proof locks on all the cabinet doors along with the concern of calling poison control. 2) From information in the case and a visit to the Activeion website what are the characteristics of the main target markets for the Activeion cleaning tools among a) business users and b) households? a) The businesses care about the environment and are risk takers. b) The households care about the environment and they are affluent. They also are marketing for the generation x/y. A couple of marketing mix issues are the price is too high. The product is too good to be true. The place to get is not very easily accessible. Bill Nye couldn’t get this product off the ground and get promoted. 3) Look again at the eight key reasons for new-product success and failure in the chapter. Using a five-point scale (5 = very favorable, 3 = neutral, 1 = very unfavorable) evaluate a) the Ionator for business users and b) the consumer version for households on each of the eight reasons. Briefly justify your answers. 1) Points of difference: Business=1. The product is too risky to not work. The points of difference are not as...

Cited: Kerin, Rober A., et al. Marketing.11th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2013. Print.
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