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1. The two types of shopping products are:
*  generic and family
*  consumer and business
*  exclusive and intensive incorrect
*  heterogeneous and homogeneous
*  unsought and convenience
2. Ocean Spray manufactures Cranberry Juice Cocktails. The addition of Light Cranberry Juice Cocktails is a way that Ocean Spray can expand its product: *  line depth correct
*  mix width
*  mix depth
*  line width
*  breadth mix
3. A regional utility company needs to change consumers' perceptions of its current service as being harmful to the environment. Which of the following strategies would best allow the company to accomplish this goal? *  disintermediation

*  contraction of the number of services offered by the utility company *  adding new services to its product line
*  use of product cannibalization
*  repositioning correct
4. A company that manufactures mantels, stairways, doors, windows, and other architectural reproductions brought together a group of ten recent customers and asked them to discuss what they liked and disliked about the current designs marketed by the company. Which of the following research techniques did the manufacturer use? *  brainstorm

*  buying center
*  venture team
*  focus group correct
*  product-review committee
5. Mosaic Labs has developed a chemical compound that prevents mildew in even the most humid climates. The week after the compound was invented, a group of the firm's employees got together and listed ways the product might be used. This is an example of: *  brainstorming correct

*  focusing grouping
*  venture group activities
*  concept testing
*  screening
6. _____ is a limited introduction of a product and a marketing program to determine the reactions of potential customers in a market situation. *  Test marketing correct
*  Use testing
*  Concept testing
*  Discontinuous innovation
*  Laboratory testing
7. The main goal of the global product development process is to: *  come up with a single standard product or product line suitable for all global markets *  come up with new product ideas in Canada and use global markets as test markets *  repeat the steps in the process with marketing teams in each and every foreign country targeted *  develop every product for potential worldwide distribution and adaptation to other countries *  expand the number of different new product offerings so that individual country needs are more likely to be metincorrect 8. Courtney's mother died of breast cancer, and she is afraid of getting cancer. When she went to get a baseline mammogram, she wanted a facility where the personnel would not think her fears were silly and who would answer all of her questions without making her feel stupid for asking them. By which of the following components of service quality is Courtney most likely to rate the mammogram provider? *  assurance

*  reliability
*  empathy correct
*  tangibles
*  responsiveness
9. Baltimore's Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity (CHH) renovates vacant houses and sells them at no-interest mortgage rates to low-income home buyers. To pay some of the costs of the renovation supplies, CHH has established a for-profit company called TeamBuilds, where corporate teams pay $7,500 for an all-day team-building session with a management consultant while they work together on renovation. TeamBuilds is an example of a(n): *  service provider correct

*  possession processor
*  aggregated market
*  market niche
*  target market
10. A(n) _____ is a characteristic that cannot easily be assessed...
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