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MBA6140 Quiz 5
T3: According to the Marketer's Toolkit, what is true of conjoint analysis? P39 It is not quite as sophisticated as concept testing.
It centers on how tradeoffs affect a product's value, such as the tradeoff between increasing gas milage by 20 percent while decreasing 0-to-60mph acceleration from 5 seconds to 6 seconds. All of the above

None of the above
T3: According to the Marketer's Toolkit, which research technique entails observing how customers use existing products with the aim of discovering ways of improving the product,P45 concept testing [present potential customers with an idea and surveys them on it to see if it would be a good idea] conjoint analysis

empathetic design
None of the above
T6: According to the Marketer's Toolkit, what is true of brands that are well-known and respected? P82,86 They reduce perceived risk.
Brand name tends to become less important when the perceived risk of buying less established brands diminishes. [Like comparing Tylenol and the generic with the price at the drugstore] All of the above

None of the above
T8: For many years, General Motors positioned Chevrolets as entry-level cars, Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles as mid-level cars, Buicks as executive cars, and Cadillacs and cars for the wealthy. According to the Marketer's Toolkit, such a line of cars is which type of product line?P110 isomorphic

horizontal [tend to appeal to different customer tastes (ex. Coke, diet coke)] vertical [aim to offer a product for every pocket book]
T8: At some point in its history, GM took some Chevrolet models, dressed them up a bit, increased the price, and sold them as Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, and even Cadillacs. According to the Marketer's Toolkit, such Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, and Cadillacs would be based on a common P110-111,123 marketing plan

product platform
None of the above
T1(PLC): What is true of the product life cycle (PLC)?P11-12 Well-conceived market strategies generally are highly effective over all PLC stages because they are grounded in fundamental marketing principles and, therefore, need not be adapted to PLC changes. Once the PLC is in motion, very little, if anything, can be done to alter its shape. At the growth stage, most contestants usually focus their efforts on increasing the size of the market. [should be increasing shares of the growing pie not market, size of the market is for introduction phase] All of the above

None of the above
T1(PLC): Brand building is the main challenge at which PLC phase?P11 introduction
A5: According to "Diamonds in the Data Mine," what is true of Harrah's Las Vegas operations?P2 Like other hotel-casino operations, it relies on drawing customers with the latest "fantasyland" attractions. Its core customers are out-of-towners who are particularly fond of poker. Its key to success has been realizing that, to win at the casino "game," a company must outspend its rivals. All of the above

None of the above
[Relies on casino revenue not all that other stuff, doesn’t outspend, there core customers are just slot players] A5: According to "Diamonds in the Data Mine," what is true of the "Total Gold" program?P3 It was instituted by Harrah's to promote customer loyalty.

For many years, the program was highly differentiated from competing programs. [False, In truth it didn’t] It greatly increased gambling revenues because it rewarded loyal patrons with free rooms and dinners. [False, In truth it didn’t] All of the above

None of the above
A5: According to "Diamonds in the Data Mine," what did Harrah's data mining discover?P3 Among Harrah's customers, no "heavy half" seemed to exist.
Although so-called high-rollers accounted for about 50 percent of Harrah's gambling revenues, high-rollers accounted for a disproportionately small share of...
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