Topics: Sodium hydroxide, Ammonia, Solubility Pages: 3 (455 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Exp. No: 6
Date: 31st october 2013
Name of the experiment: Identification of basic radical ( Al3+ & Mg2+ ) from supplied marketed dosage form

To identify basic radical ( Al3+ ,Mg2+ ) from supplied marketed dosage form.

Apparatus and reagents:
Test tube
Mortar pestle
Dilute HCl
Disodium hydrogen phosphate
Cobalt nitrate
Ammonium carbonate

Preparation of the sample:

Ten of marketed products (tablets/ capsule) is taken and crushed in mortar pastle. This powder is used as a sample through out the experiment. Sample is taken, then dilute HCl is added, when dissolved the solution then filtered the sample, which is a stock solution.

Test for Magnesium

20ml of stock solution is taken in a flask and then 10mg of NH4Cl, 10 mg of NH4OH and excess disodium hydrogen phosphate solution is added. Then shaken and rubbed the wall of test tube. If white ppt is formed the Mg2+ is present.

Mg2+ + NH4Cl + NH4OH + Na2HPO4 →Mg(NH4)PO4 ↓ + Na+ + H2O Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate

Test for Aluminum:

Taking 20ml of stock solution in a flask & then added 10ml of NH4OH.Then a white gelatinous ppt is formed which indicates the presence of Aluminum.

Al3+ +NH4OH→Al(OH)3↓+ +NH4

Taken 20ml of stock solution ina flask & then add 10ml of sodium hydroxide solution slowly, a white gelatinous ppt is formed.

Al3+ +NaOH → Al(OH)3↓+Na+

Then more NaOH is added to dissolve the ppt.


After sometimes added AlCl3 & Cobalt nitrate, then a blue ppt observed.

Al3+ +Co(NO3)2+NH4Cl→Co(AlO2) ↓

Discussion: The name of the experiment is identification of basic radical ( Al3+, Mg2+) from supplied marketed dosage form. These reactions are known as precipitaion and we identified these basic radicals by observing the...
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