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When the products are made without any errors in production the product performs very well. The product is perceived to be above average flavor and quality. It is able to accomplish a desirable flavor but still maintain a serving size with: a low sodium context under 150mg; fat content at 0 g on 98% of products, sugars on average 0 to 1g.; fiber content on average 6 g. The products perform poorly when these common errors occur in production: adding too much salt, over/under cooking, packing bags while still warm. Condensation on the bags they are packaged in decreases shelf like up to 80%.

Other errors in production such as: inaccurate starter, inaccurate molding, and over proofing effect the final product, but when these errors occur the product is considered not sellable, and discarded. The performance of ingredients specifically the flour can effect the performance of the product. There is variability between flour crops that can affect the amount of hydration required to make the dough. The conducts test bakes with any new flour to test the quality and performance of it. If the quality is not superior, they will attempt to modify their formulas to adjust to the hydration requirements, or they will not use that specifics crop supply of flour.

Before the commencement of the audit on A Bread Affair the company did not log the amount of product that was lost due to poor quality, or the factors that resulted in poor quality. Their unofficial system of tracking errors in production that led to poor quality was this: product is identified as not meeting quality standards; team lead or the person responsible for the error writes a not to owner of what happened, often including the amount of product lost; owner review notice of production error; owner discards note and discusses with production team lead.

After the audit on the company began we strong advised them to: log errors in production (referred to as incidents), calculate cost of errors, and monitor for patterns.

Here is a result of one and half months of recording errors in production creating products that do not meet quality and are consider scrap.

Frequency of Production Errors|
| | | | |
Station| Errors| Date| Scrap product| Cost|
Mixing| Inquire starter| 30-Nov-12| 41 Cranberry| 43.05| Ovens| Under/Over baked| 27-Nov-12| 6 Miche| 6.6|
Mixing| Molding| 18-Nov-12| 129 Garlic/Cheese| 135.45| Mixing| Inquire starter| 17-Nov-12| 130 Garlic/Cheese| 136.5| Mixing| Inquire starter| 15-Nov-12| 25 Baguettes| 11.25| Ovens| Under/Over baked| 11-Nov-12| 4 Quinoa, 5 Apple| 9.45| Ovens| Under/Over baked| 08-Nov-12| 12 Garlic/Cheese| 12.6| Ovens| Physical damage| 02-Nov-12| 8 Ciabatta| 4.8|

Mixing| Unknown| 31-Oct-12| 14 Garlic/Cheese| 14.7|
Molding| Proofing| 30-Oct-12| 10 100 Mile| 25|
Ovens| Under/Over baked| 29-Oct-12| 8 Seed Baguette| 6.4| Ovens| Physical damage| 25-Oct-12| 20 Seed| 19|
Ovens| Under/Over baked| 25-Oct-12| 9 Garlic/Cheese| 9.45| Mixing| Inquire starter| 18-Oct-12| 271 Garlic/Cheese| 284.55| | | | | 718.8|
| | | | |
Analysis of Incidents reported| Ovens| Molding| Mixing| | Frequency of errors by station| 7| 1| 6| |
| | | | |
Cost of scrap product/station| 68.3| 25| 625.5| |

Cost of Quality|
| | | |
Prevention Costs| | Last Quarters| % of Total Cost|
Monitor existing products| | $0.00 | 0.00|
Quality training| | 630| 18.07|
Pilot Production Run| | 40| 1.15|
Total prevention costs| | $670.00 | 19.22|
| | | |
Appraisal costs| | | |
Test suppliers product| | 40| 1.15|
Process testing| | 100| 2.87|
Total appraisal costs| | 140| 4.02|
| | | |...
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