Pro and Con of Online Gaming

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The Potential Cons of Online/Video Gaming on Kids
Some of the potential cons could be,
* That it promotes increased tolerance to violence, that kids become insensitive and cold towards other kids and adults alike, not being able to differentiate between what's reality and what's not. This can be considered a valid concern since many video games contain graphic/inappropriate content and provide incentives for users to, for example, kill as many characters as possible by rewarding them with points and increased levels. Can kids differentiate between a game and real life like an adult would? * Another negative effect of online gaming for kids could be that they would end up making them a socially reclusive individual, who just stays indoors and plays games, rather than interact with other kids and play outdoor games, which are essential in developing a healthy body and spirit. They may also not develop much-needed social skills required to help them interact with other children/adults around them growing up. * Yet another negative consequence of playing video games could be decreased academic performance. Gaming can be very addictive and it could occupy the child's time, leaving very little time for academics and other creative pursuits like learning music and other arts perhaps. * The negative health effects that playing video games has on kids cannot be ignored either. Staying indoors and playing online games, instead of going out and being physically active can result in kids becoming obese, suffer from eye problems as a result of prolonged hours of staring at the monitor/screen, increase the likelihood of them suffering from repetitive stress disorders, etc. It seems then that playing online games or video games can only bring misery to your kids, but well nothing is really as black and white. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Potential Pros of Online/Video Gaming on Kids...
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