Un Nintended Benefits

Topics: Psychology, Game, Cognition Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Rasheed Warith
Professor Natale-Boianelli
English 070

Revised Essay Project

In “Un Nintended Benefits” by Dave Barry, the father (Dave Barry) has decided to purchase a Nintendo game system for his son. The father goes through a lot just to purchase his son the game, mainly for his son to be happy. “The technique my son used was Power Wistfulness” says Dave Barry. His son would look heart- breakingly sad and would sigh over the fact that he was the only child who didn’t have Nintendo. The father was afraid that he would get arrested for buying his son the Nintendo instead of an educational toy, such as an Erector Set. This is because Nintendo was thought to be a mindless addictive anti-social electronic device. Most of the games today prove him right.

Throughout the article, the father discussed the benefits and advantages of video games. The father believes by playing Nintendo a child can develop a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth. He also believes it can strengthen the community and can even prevent them from watching normal television. Lastly, the father believes Nintendo can easily become a childs hobby. Later in the article, the “Child Psychologist” tries to inform the father that video games such as the Nintendo aren’t good for kids. The father ignores the Psychologist and refuses to agree or listen because he’s currently playing the Nintendo himself. Is it true that video games are bad? Anti-social, aggressive behavior, and even health risks? Not all the time, as Dave Barry would say. Many video games such as, sports, adventure and strategy games, can all improve mental skills. It may also improve a better process of thinking, problem solving, and cognitive skills and also reduce stress. They provide a unique, interactive and complex activity, at low cost and zero risk.
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