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By kiwi287 Apr 22, 2015 394 Words
Luis Reyes
Period 4

Todays society has multiple opinions on how video games are seen and affect society today. These video games have multiple views on them both positive and negative. Although people defend both sides there is multiple reasons why video games can be bad or good. There is questioning on wether there should be harsher age restrictions or if young ones should not be allowed to play at all. Even though people have disputes over all this video game insustries still have their way and make billions of dollars annually. On multiple studies there has been positive and negative effects on young minds. Lets talk about the positive influences extracted from multiple sources on the web. On a survey made kids ages 8 to 18 years say they devote seven and a half hours a day to media is associations to video games. Although only half of them said they have no restrictions on what to watch or what games they can play. Although this time may help young minds due to training of their manual dexterity and computer literacy. When a video game is “pro-social” and rewards players for building a town or helping others, children tend to show more empathy and helpfulness in their daily lives, according to a 2014 study by Douglas Gentile, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University. According to his studies video games have a widely positive effect on young minds early in their lives. Being more helpful on an every day is widely positive to an every day society. Although video games are also seen with a negative aspect to them. Some people consider that this is what twists the mind of young kids. People think that some games that are too violent tend to make teens have a more agressive behavior."Players directly benefit from engaging in acts of violence." here there is evidence of violence in games. Also most video games that come out involve shooting guns. People then are led to think that this maybe the reason for so many shootings going through at schools, or just in general. So as we continue we can seen that it is not all on the kids for them to be playing these video games. These games can only be bought by adults so how do young minds access these games?

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