Principles of Marketing-CASIO Watches Introduction & References

Topics: Time, Watch, Graphic design Pages: 1 (595 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Nowadays, Casio is most commonly known for durable, large sized watches. Casio timepieces provide an accurate time information anywhere, all the time. They boast rich and up-to-date functionality that provides users with a variety of useful data and features, not just the time. Casio aims to provide watches that allow people to expand their horizons and enjoy life more. Casio produces their products which is watches, and the current target consumer are adults. Literally, the new target consumer we choose to focus on are teenagers which has the higher chance on purchasing the products. The current target consumer which are adults, were not attracted to the advertisement because the designs on the advertisement is more trendy and refreshing which is more attracted by the teenagers. The new target consumer which is teenagers would get attracted to the advertisement and the products, Casio’s G Shock, Baby G, and Sheen. G Shock is specially designed for guys while Baby G and Sheen are designed for ladies. References

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