Body Image

Topics: Adolescence, Female, Girl Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Body Image
Rashanda Joe
PSYC 231
Liberty University

This assignment the writer had to pick a commercial or advertisement that appealed to adolescents. The commercial that was chosen was a Calvin Kline Jeans commercial. It can be found at the following link: The commercial is showing some models men and women dressed in Calvin Kline undergarments and jeans dancing and showing off how great they look in the Calvin Kline products. The writer feels that this commercial was intended to target the adolescent age group, between the ages of 15-20. This commercial was to appeal to both male and female alike because it is advertising both male and female clothing. The subliminal message that this commercial sends is that you have to look a certain way or be a certain size in order to look your best in the Calvin Kline attire. This ad could be interpreted very differently depending on gender. For girls it could be perceived that in order to wear the Calvin Kline undergarments they have to be a certain size. The models in the advertisement were all very thin women. This plays a huge role in how young girls perceive themselves. In the presentation by Dr. Sosin, she stated that the average model is 5”10 and 110lbs. This is what the world wants our young girls to see as the norm. She also stated that the real norm for girls is 5”4 and 145lbs. This is just another example of the lies that are fed to our daughters that causes them more stress than what they are already dealing with. Advertisements like this in my opinion are what leads to young girls having eating disorders and having strong issues with self-image and how they look. A lot of times these ads have them aiming for a goal that is unrealistic to obtain. The advertisement for young men could mean something altogether different. When watching the commercial the writer noticed that most of the men in the commercial did not have their shirts...
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