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By superfrek19 May 31, 2014 808 Words
Organizational Communication 410

In today’s society there is a need to provide the masses with valuable information. From small businesses to massive corporations. Presentations can be given in a multitude of ways, written in an email or memo, face to face interaction or on a larger scale in an auditorium to a group. “Communication, both spoken and written, is always addressed to an audience, a set of listeners or readers you are intending to convey information to or have some effect upon.”(Public Speaking, 2007) While today’s technology has its advantages it also has disadvantages, in regards to how communication is received and how it was intended to be received. By giving a presentation you can give the receivers that extra interpersonal touch of tone and instant interaction that can be helpful in getting people to understand the information you are trying to convey. “In general, oral communication is best for messages that require a personal dimension.” (Adler, R. B., Elmhorst, J., & Lucas, K., 2013) I believe that a presentation can accomplish that extra push of understanding and tone component that written communication never can. In written communication you have to be very specific and detailed in order to get the reader to specifically understand exactly what you want them to understand. Also with written communication the reader cannot get or provide feedback. “Writing is also better than speaking when you want to convey complicated ideas likely to require much study and thought by the receiver.” (Adler, 2013) I prefer to see a presentation because it helps me better understand what is being presented. When I read something in a text book I often have unanswered questions.When it comes down to the advantages and disadvantages of relying on a written document compared to an oral presentation you must consider the organizations culture. If the organization is very technologically encompassing than an email might be the preferred method of communication regardless of topic or importance. On the other hand when the organization is working on more of an interpersonal level than giving a face to face presentation is ideal so the receiver can understand, feel and hear the tone in which the presenter is sending their message. Written communication typically delivers a formal tone, specifically chosen words and offers no feedback or discussion in return. So like I mentioned before those who have questions after reading something have no way of getting their questions answered. If the same information was presented by a person, questions could be answered and a deeper understanding can be achieved. If I were to analyze myself as a speaker I would learn many valuable lessons in how to be a better speaker. Verbally and vocally I need to maintain my confidence even when I make a mistake or find an error in my presentation. Take it in stride as if nothing happened, if I make it apparent that nothing is wrong then my audience will quickly dismiss it or not notice it at all. I need to pay attention to my introduction and conclusion so that my audience’s attention would be captivated and held until all information was disseminated and understood. I am quite shy when it comes to giving presentations in front of large groups, so rehearsing ahead of time would help me. Preparing and doing research ahead of time so my topic is well rounded and covered to include possible questions that could be asked by the audience will help me be a better presenter. Keeping a rational mind set and not psyching myself out before I go up will calm me so that I do not focus on any mistakes made. I would also make sure that I know the knowledge base of my audience so that I can put out relevant information for them. I know that presentations are not perfect and my presentation does not need to be perfect either. If I can make myself as prepared as possible it will greatly help the success of my presentation. Keeping a positive attitude will also help me manage the challenges that may arise with my presentation or the reception of it by the audience. Self- analyzing is a useful tool to help correct errors not noticed while preparing the presentation. People tend to be more critical on themselves than those on the outside looking in. Having one or two listeners, who represent my intended audience, analyze my presentation can also help me see how others view my delivery in a couple different aspects. Having my visual, verbal and vocal elements analyzed will help me correct inefficiencies and be able present a successful presentation.

Adler, R. B., Elmhorst, J., & Lucas, K. (2013). Communicating at Work (11th Ed.). New York, MY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc Public Speaking: The Basics (2007). Retrieved April 17, 2014 from

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