Giving breifings and making presentations

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Giving briefings and making presentations
As part of my coursework I was asked to prepare and present a management related topic. The criteria were; A short 5-10 minute presentation.
Use presentation techniques such as stories, metaphors or acronyms etc. Use presentation aids like PowerPoint slides, flip charts, props etc. Prepare a short evaluation/feedback form
I chose ‘John Heron’s Six Categories of Intervention’ as my topic. Similar topics were covered on the course so far and strongly believed it related to my current style of management. Easy to understand and put into practice. I started by gathering articles about the topic and chose three that I believed was best suited for my audience. One article was from, one from and one from I then highlighted the paragraphs that best described the style and had relevant examples. Also I summarised all the content to be within the time limit and to allow time for questions/feedback at the end of the presentation. 1.2

Sticking to the criteria I sketched a plan for the content of the briefing. I decided to present using PowerPoint slides; I drew text boxes and started positioning where the header, text and pictures will be positioned, if any. Browsed through templates and picked a plain slide with borders and colour background. From the summarised version of the script I prepared earlier I bullet pointed information on to the slides using pictures to work as an extra visual aid. I had extra notes printed about the topic which I used to cover the whole topic. Also, a flip-chart exercise before going through the six categories to get the audience involved and to also help them realise that the topic is related to their everyday working style in leading/managing a team. Slides:

As mentioned before I used PowerPoint slides but also had notes to hand to refer to. I used pictures, bullet points and...
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