Preparing a Business Case

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There are three tasks in this activity.

Task 1

Complete either part (a) OR part (b).

a) Prepare a business case for a situation at your workplace where you need to acquire more staff.

You may wish to use a business case template such as the ones provided for part b, or follow your organisation’s procedures/template for business case development.


b) Complete a business case using the following information. You may wish to use a business case template such as the one provided.

Task 1
I have chosen option B

Business case – New staff request

|Name of manager: Kathy Berrell |Date: 22nd August 2008 | |Summary/Purpose of this business case. | |To recruit a full time team member for the Grand Plaza Lollipops store | | | | | |Issue/reason for adding new staff | |A substancial Increase in sales over the past 3 months has caused the team to become overworked & stressed. This is also an OH&S concern. | |There have been queues of customers waiting for service and in some cases have no assistance with trying on clothes. | |Customers have been visably annoyed & complaining of the decrease in service. | |There is a high risk of loosing valued custom. | | | |Could existing staff be reassigned or used in other ways to fill the need? | |This is already inprocess ,All of the team have been doing overtime and extra shifts. The overtime and additional shifts are not compensating | |sufficiently to provide our reputable standard of service | | | |Anticipated benefits to company (short term/long term) | |Short term | |Job satisfation and Safety for current staff . | |To bring a reputation of customer service excellence back into perspective. | |Return of present custom. | |Long Term | |Excess in tartget revenue over the past 3 months indicates that the new range of clothing has, with the appropriate customer service the ability | |to Exceed our strategic goal of an annual increase by 20%....
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