Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation
Mary Kessler
August 13, 2014
Everest University
Professor Wolusky

1.) Prepare an outline of the issues in handling a case with so many plaintiffs and potential witnesses.
Ethical issues of conflict of interest can become a concern as many new clients come into the firm
Organization could be an issue with so many clients
Keeping track of all of the clients and witnesses appointments and/or meetings
Making sure that the correct information and witnesses are kept with the correct client’s case file
Keeping track of the billing for each of the clients
Keeping track of the time spent with each client and witness. (Goldman, Thomas F.; Hughes, Alice Hart (2012) Page 45)

2.) Prepare a memo explaining how a case management program might be used to organize the case.
August 13, 2014
TO: New York Office Associates
From: Mary Kessler-Paralegal
RE: Case Management Program This memo is being sent out with information explaining how a case management program may be used to organize the case. You can use this program to store and index for quick access contact information, such as names and information on clients, parties, witnesses, opposing counsel, judges, experts, and anyone associated with the case in any manner. This program can also track time spent on cases, with a calendar component it can track deadlines and appointments or court dates for the clients. The case management program can also allow for management of individual cases, including the tracking of documents, parties, issues, and events.
Cc: Partners and Counsel
(Goldman, Thomas F; Hughes, Alice Hart (2012) Page 51)

3.) What are the items that need to be tracked using the case management program? The items that need to be tracked using the case management program are time keeping to record all of time spent on performing activities during the work day. Tracking the expenses of any business is important. In litigation

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